There is a big wide world of information out there, we access it via our laptops, phones and tablets, and it’s called the Internet. The Internet to some can be a very confronting, new and scary thing and before looking further into the topic of digital curating, I was very overwhelmed at the thought of researching a topic. There is so much information displayed on our screens at the click of a button. We can access essentially any information we desire, but where do we start when looking for a particular topic and how do we know what is useful content? The answer is digital curation tools and they have become a necessity as they allow “a person with a focused interest in a specific topic to find and collect artefacts on the Internet to share with their target audience” (Flintoff, Mellow, & Clark, 2014). Curation is such an important learning tool, to be able to filter through the important information and leave behind the rest is vital for a learner in today’s society. The following are great examples of digital curation tools.




The Internet has a huge range of free digital curation tools such as Pinterest, Storify and Each one is designed to appeal to certain people, for example Pinterest targets audiences that learn via pictures and graphics. The curation tool though that I would like to focus on is called This curation tool is being called an indispensable learning tool by Johnson (2016) on the website Teach Thought. has many great features, firstly it uses an online magazine format which is visually effective, but also can be accessed online, via iPhone and android. Lastly people have the ability to share their curated topics with their friends or colleagues via social media links.


(Gbailey, 2013)

This sharing is what makes such a useful learning tool. It is discussed by Johnson (2016) that a significant reason why both educators and students like is its ability to allow cooperative, communal learning. People can share and or access topics and add or subtract substance to the group, from an educator’s point of view this will enhance the student’s learning.

Searching for information on the Internet can be a scary, laboring task for some, but with digital curating tools such as and Pinterest, people can become a skilled curator in no time.



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